Frequently Asked Questions

What Information Can I Import When I Purchase?

If you send a spreadsheet of your current clients, I can import them all when I configure the solution for you. You can download a template with the correct headings here. Importing that information is included in the basic price of configuring a solution for you. If you would like to migrate client history (service records and payment information) from a previous system, we can discuss that. Each system has a different underlying architecture. Depending on your old system's architecture and how it exports records, this can be very complex. Migrating this other data, if possible, would be an additional fee.

Will I Need To Update the Solution?

One of the great virtues of this system is that you can buy it once. The solution has all the core features ready for you. Once you purchase the system, it shouldn't require any updates. You can happily run the system for years. The FileMaker platform itself is regularly updated and will allow the system to continue to run on future Windows, Mac, and iOS hardware. Even that will not need to be updated at each iteration. I personally worked on FM 12 for years even after 13 and 14 had been released. As I was polishing the solution to get it ready for everyone, I updated to 14. 
    Having said that, we can configure the system for you and include additional functionality as needed. We can do this at the time of purchase or when the need arises. Also, if a bug is discovered not with FileMaker but the client management solution itself, I will fix it. This system is far more complex than a simple spreadsheet but the following analogy fits. You wouldn't worry about the formulas in an old spreadsheet suddenly not working. If the math was correct previously, it will be in the future as well. You could choose to update your spreadsheet software at every update or every few updates.

How Customizable is the Solution?

Right out of the box, this solution is very flexible. You can easily update your services, techniques, client groups, etc. Additionally, I can further configure the system so it suits your needs. I can hide fields you don’t use and rename objects to reflect your business. I can also add functionality. While basic configuration—importing clients, logo, etc. is included in the cost, other customizations will carry an additional cost. I’m happy to discuss what you need and how I can help.

Can I Use This System to Bill Insurance?

Yes, you can bill insurance with this system. It produces a billing report that you can send to a biller and a great method for handling bulk payments. However, it will not electronically submit bills to each individual insurance company. The tutorials on payors will take you through the billing process.

Is this eligible for an EHR tax incentive?

This solution allows you to go virtually paperless and store all of your client records electronically. However it has not been certified as an Electronic Health Record system eligible for incentives.

What versions of FileMaker is this solution compatible with?

This solution is compatible with FileMaker 12-15. FileMaker 15 is the current version.

Can I Try It Before I Buy It?

Yes you can. If you visit the bottom of the purchase page  you can dowload a trial of the solution and follow the accompanying link to download a free trial of FileMaker Pro as well. You will need to email me to get the login credentials for the trial.

Does This Integrate with Other Financial Programs Like Quickbooks?

This system offers a full solution in each main areas of functionality. For example, if you track expenses in this system, you can store receipts, lookup expenses, and report on expenses during a given period. So additional software to track expenses is probably not necessary. The same is true of invoices. You can charge clients for services, enter payments, and create invoices for them easily within the client management solution. So there is no need for a separate system for invoices. Finally,  there is excellent reporting on income and services within the system as well. 
    However, this system is not a banking solution—it won't sync with your business checking account. So if you want to import or export expenses from a banking system, we could configure an import or export from the client management solution for you.

Does This System Include Client Scheduling?

I did not include scheduling in the Client Management Solution because many people want access to their scheduling all the time, even when they’re away from the office. But giving continual online access to calendars means monthly hosting fees. I really didn’t want to have any monthly fees for the solutions. There are actually excellent free options like iCal, Google Calendar, and Outlook that you can use. In the FAQ video, I actually demonstrate how you can use these in concert with the Client Management Solution.